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Basics training English

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Learn all Plan4Flex basics in one day! After this training, you know how the work planning, housing planning and transport planning work and how to get started yourself!

What will you learn?

During the Plan4Flex Basics training you will learn basic skills for planning, such as:

  • Work planning
    • Client, ground plan, criteria, file
    • Employee, personal details, availabilities, characteristics, file
    • Work planning, requests, working times, absences, blocks and more
  • Transport planning
    • Transport types
    • Drivers and passengers
    • Routes en pick-up times
  • House planning
    • Houses, rooms and beds
    • Planning and moving
    • Pick-up address and colour codes

Training on demand

The Plan4Flex basics training in English is hosted on demand. Fill out the form on the right side to request an English training. If demand is high enough, we’ll plan a training date and inform you about further details.

Would you rather follow this basics training in Dutch (hosted every month)? Subscribe for our Plan4Flex Basistraining.


De Bloemendaal 23
5221 EB ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Cost & time

Level: Beginner

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